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2020 Nov 17


Today we decided to introduce you to something exciting — instead of new weekly offers, we got one offer which you can run on the whole new geos! That's a great way to take a little break from Tier-1.

Now get ready to make this autumn HOT:


Offer ID: 2354 - StoryLoves - CPL SOI
Payout: 1 USD
Traffic: Adult


StoryLoves is a promising dating offer. It features a mainstream landing but accepts adult traffic as well. The target audience for this product are men older than 24 years old. It will especially benefit you if you already have an audience base from these users. StoryLoves is localized and features a heating flow. Google UAC traffic works wonders on this offer, given a high CR up to 1:11! And to make this deal even sweeter, you will get a pack of hot creatives that will drive your traffic like crazy!


Offer ID: 2439 - StoryLoves - CPL SOI
Payout: 1,40 USD
Traffic: Adult


StoryLoves is a dating offer, dedicated to men who are looking for flirts, long-term relationships, and short-term flings. This offer features several landings for a different type of traffic (MILF and mainstream). Either way, the heating registration flow will motivate your users to finish a registration ASAP, and you will get a lead easily.

What you are waiting for? Don't waste any more time and...



AFFMY’s focus is your profit! 


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